Frequently Asked <br> Questions


  • すべてのアートワークは、1/8インチのにじみで印刷するためにCMYKとして設定する必要があります。
  • すべてのフォントは、デフォルトのフォントに置き換えられないようにアウトラインで囲む必要があり、すべてのリンクをアートワーク内に埋め込む必要があります。
  • 最適な印刷を行うには、すべての画像が 300PPI 以上である必要があります
Before mass production, we’ll send you a final proof printing file for you to approve.Once we get the confirmation on the printing file,we’ll go ahead to print.
There are 4 options available for our clients.
Digital 3D mockups
Non-printed plain prototypes.
Digital printed prototypes.
Production grade printed prototypes.
With regards to prototype costs, we recommend to contact our specialist, as each customers’ customizations are different(type of packaging,size, printing,and addtional processes)
Stock samples are free. Custom samples are charged. Sample development cost depends on box type,printing and finish.
Choices affect the price of your packaging are as below.
Packaging size(bigger packaging costs more on materials)
Material(premium materials will cost more)
Additional processing require extra work
Finish(premium finishes will cost more)
Any questions about pricing and how to save costs, feel free to consult with our team.
Currently our prodution lead time is an estimated average of 10-30 business days depending on packaging type, order qty,etc. Shipping time is NOT included.
Rigid gift box: 1000pcs
Corrugated box: 1000pcs
Card paper box: 3000pcs
Paper bag: 1000pcs
Molded pulp packaging:20000pcs
Plastic packaging: 20000pcs
Label and stickers:1000pcs

メールまたは電話で直接お問い合わせいただくか、当社のWebサイトのお問い合わせページから見積もりをリクエストしてください。 見積もり依頼を送信する前に、営業担当者がいくつかの質問をします。時間を節約するために、以下の情報をできるだけ多く含めるのを手伝ってください。

  • パッケージのスタイル
  • 数量(moqを参照)
  • 寸法(長さ*幅*奥行き)
  • 印刷


Usually there are shipping options as below. 
A.Shipping by sea to your port.
B.Shipping by air to your airport
C.DDP shipping by sea to your door
D.DDP shipping by air to your door
Shipping by Express couriers like DHL, UPS,etc. 
Yes we are able to help you get a suitable shipping solution. No worries.
Our payment term is usually 50% deposit and balance amount to be paid before shipping.
We usually accept payment by T/T, Paypal, L/C,etc. Please contact our sales representitive.